Web Development

What does it take to build a website? Here’s how we do it at Gravity Media.


The first step is to meet with you and get a full blown description and detailed list of needs and wants. We will work with you to understand your concerns and help determine what your focus will be. A website that is well planned from the start will be a project that will give valuable returns.

In this stage, we will determine such things as:

  • look & style
  • colors
  • page layout
  • site & menu structure
  • functionality, must-have features
  • and more.

It’s important at this stage to really think about what you need and want–because we want you to be happy with your website.


Once we have brainstormed and gotten enough information to really grasp our client’s vision, we put together a design of the home page. This will incorporate all the ideas discussed as well as our own personal touch. We work with you to perfect this design until it is to your liking. This usually takes up to 2 rounds of edits, but we usually nail it the first time.


When you have approved your website, we will begin web development. This is a combination of collecting content (images, your custom copy–don’t worry if you don’t have any; we can take care of that too.) and the actual work of  programming and setting up your site on a test server.

We will walk you through your website and you get a chance to test it page by page. We take your feedback and perfect it until it works just like you want it to.

One of the great features of our websites is our responsive design. This means that our websites look great on any device, from desktop computers, to ipads, iphones and smartphones. Our websites are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.


By the time we have fully developed your site, you will be eager to sign off and give us the green light. We can host your website for you, or we can help get it installed on your existing live server. We will test any contact forms and links, and then GO LIVE.

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