Why A Website Is Key To A Company’s Success

Posted on: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Every business needs a website. In this day and age, a website is the business card of any company. It can be embarrassing and even costly to not have one, considering that the Global Internet Report of 2015 estimated 3 billion internet users to be in existence by May of 2015.

Even more surprising is that over 50% of those internet users are using mobile devices and tablets to surf the web. Therefore, a responsive website is a must.

If you don’t have a website you are missing out on providing instant information about your products and services to your clients. What’s more, a website is free advertising, as anyone who has a good website can be found by users when their keywords are searched for.

If you do not have a website, it is time to get one.

Improving An Existing Website

If your business already has a website, you should take  a moment to ask yourself the following questions.

A) When was my website last updated?

If your answer is anything over 1 year, it’s time to make some changes! A key to staying fresh with search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing!, is to keep your website current by adding new content (images, pages, articles) so that the search engines see that you are maintaining your site.

Additionally, website technologies advance, and your website needs to stay up to date with the latest trends. This is not only a “nice thing” to have; it is a must. As browsers get updated, older websites suffer compatibility issues.

Search engines do not take this lightly. In 2014, Google began penalizing websites that were not mobile-friendly by reducing their rankings for their popular keywords. If your website is not mobile-ready, it’s definitely time to get going on giving your site a fresh new look.

B) Do I have a blog on my website?

The term “blog” is actually short for “web log”. It is a journal or digest of content provided by you via your website. A blog can stand by itself or can be a part of a larger site with other content and material.

A blog is not really an optional item. It may be time consuming but it is an absolute must.

The reason for this is that search engines are continually looking for new content to index and categorize. Websites that routinely produce new content are refreshed more frequently, and can benefit from improved ranking. When the search engines see that your website routinely mentions or discusses a particular topic, it is more likely that your site will start to come up when the keywords you mention in your site’s web pages are looked up by internet users.

By having a blog on your website, you can update your website’s visitors as to recent news and activities, but you are also feeding Google, Yahoo and other search engines new content to index.

C) Is my website mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly (or mobile-ready) site can adapt itself to provide the best viewing experience no matter the device being used to browse it. Please note that this is different from a “mobile website”, which is an alternate site your users get directed to when your site detects a mobile device in use. A mobile-ready site is your current site, except that it is programmed with special code that adjusts text and images so that your user gets the best viewing experience each time.

Why is this so important?

Over 50% of internet users who surf the web are doing so on mobile and tablet devices.

To find out if your website is mobile friendly, take a smartphone or tablet and navigate to your site. If the page does not have clear, easy to read information that does not require left/right scrolling, your site is in need of updating.

D. How long does my website take to load?

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Any page on a website should take 1-3 seconds (5 seconds being slow) to load in your browser. If it does not, extensive work needs to be done to ensure that content is available quickly.

Every website page has a statistic known as “bounce rate”. This is a calculation which shows the number of people who left your website after viewing only 1 page. The goal in website design is to have your visitors stay on your site, visiting as many pages as possible. This requires taking planning out and accounting for user experience (commonly referred to as “UX”) when designing and developing a site. The larger the bounce rate, the less users are staying to read your site’s content. This statistic can be measure by installing specific analytics code on your site.

One of the major reasons that users leave a website quickly is due to slow loading time. Therefore, it is important to have your website designed in such a way as to load quickly and to ensure the code is efficiently written.


If any one of the points mentioned above brought about a concern, then you need a new website.

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